About me

Hi, my name is Matthias. I'm from Germany.
If you want to read my ramblings follow me on Twitter.

Recent Work

RxShell (lib)

Easy shell access for Android apps using RxJava.

ommvplib (lib)

MVP concept lib combining loaders and injection.

Bluetooth Volume Control (app)

Individual Bluetooth device volume control.

Reddit /r/Android Appstore (app)

App store based on /r/Android's Reddit wiki.

SD Maid (app)

Helps you deal with apps and files.

Matomo Android SDK (lib)

Open-source analytics for Android through Matomo.

Apoda Music (app)

Because music should be fun.

myolib (lib)

Myo SDK without limits.

2048 Myo Edition (app)

2048 playable with a Myo

Root Validator (app)

An opensource app that checks your root status.